EX0TiC Scape

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About Us

Me (Stevo) and my brother (EX0TiC) both have been playing the original runescape since it first came out in 2001. We played the original runescape all the way up until they ruined it in 2007 which then made us quit because they took away pking and made that stupid ass bounty hunter shit up... worst update ever. Then they made it even worse by taking away free trading. Then about 2009 or so we heard about runescape private servers which got us back into action playing all different kinds of private servers. It was hard to find a really good private server and the only one we both enjoyed until Jayden took it offline was Epicurus. So we decided to make our own RSPS and use all the good ideas from all the hundreds of rsps's we have played and mash them all into one kick ass server. We hope you enjoy us bringing epicurus back...


we used the epicurus source/client/cache



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